Movie Quotes from Hot Shots!: Quotes from the movie Hot Shots!

(1) For your information I’m at 100 feet. (2) Yah!.. I’m at Third and Main!

–You’re quite a guy!
–So are you!

1) My god I got to pee. Had a better part of my bladder BLOWN off in guadal chanel.

1) Admeral Benson!
2) Really? That’s my name too!

1) Are you OK, sir? 2) Why, what have you heard?

1) By the way, I can go all night like a lumberjack.
2) But what about your landlord?
1) Ohh, you can do her too.

1) everyone, drinks are on me.
2) Free Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) How are you sir? 2) Hawaii? Dammit man, I am supposed to be in California.

1) I would like to thank you for having us over for dinner last night. Cheryl and I thought the stroganoff was wonderful.
2) But sir, we didn’t have you over for dinner last night.
1) Oh, very well. Then, where the hell was I? And who’s Cheryl?

1) Put Obradowitz in a life boat and have him paddle in circles. 2) But sir, the mission could be for days. 1) Then put some food on the lifeboat with him, dammit do I have to think of everything.

1) That’s an interesting perfume you’re wearing. 2) It’s Vicks, I have a cold.

1) those are some nice long legs.
2) Thank you, I just had them lengthened, now they go ALL THE WAY up!

1) Topper Harley I presume 2) Once perhaps now I am called Tu-ka Chinchilla. 1) What does that mean 2) Fluffy bunny feet

1) We have bogies at twelve o’clock!!
2) Really, that gives me twenty minutes, think I’ll step out for a burger.

1)Ramana! 2) Once perhaps now I am called Wah-Wah tukina 1) What does that mean 2) Little sizzling belly 8-)

1. He started it. 2. Did not. 3. Your behaving like children. 1. He’s being a jerk. 2. Am not 1. Are to 2. Am not 1. Are to to to to 2. not not not not to not. 1. Are to times ten.

1. I am so sorry. I know this isn’t much, but… 2. Thanks. With this winning lottery ticket, I can spend all this money on hats.

1. I got your batteries. 2. It’s about fucking time! So who won? 1. We did. I fell in love with a women, and she threw me a curve. Herschizer.

1. I have walleye vision. 2.Isn’t there something they can do for that? 1. There’s a procedure called multioptipupilotomy, but to keep from damaging the delicate eye tissue they have to go in through the rectum. Ain’t no man gonna take that route with me.

1. Oh my mirror! Here are your life insurance plans. 2. Those can wait until I get back.

1. We’re shipping out tomarrow at 0 600. 2. Good wake me up at 0h 5:30.

1.)Here are your batteries.2.)It’s about fucking time

1st person: You think you can save him, Doc? 2nd person:I don’t know, i’m not a very good doctor.

alpha velveta knuckel underware request permission for a…

Benson) ahhh, (falling down stairs) slipped on a crab. Man) what crab sir? Benson) don’t tell me there wasn’t any crab there, there was 2 of them. I went to Annapolis for god’s sake. Man) Admeral, the strick begins at O-600 hours. Benson) then wake me up at Ohh, 5:30.

Does’nt that bother anyone because it scares the living piss out ‘o’ me!


God I love a good funeral.

How can I be an admeral with out my hat?

I look at all you fine lads, and think to myself, what I wouldn’t give to be twenty years younger and a woman.

I’m a virgin. I’m just not very good at it.

I’m in a hospital, what could go wrong?

I’ve fallen for you like a blind roofer.

I’ve fallen for you like a blind roofer. My heart has fallen down around my ankles like a wet pair of pants.

I’ve personally flown over a hundred-ninety-four missions and I was shot down every one. Come to think of it, I’ve never landed a plane in my life

I’ve personally flown over a hundred-ninety-four missions and I was shot down every one. Come to think of it, I’ve never landed a plane in my life.

land of the free home of the brave

Look, if I were joking I would’ve said, What do you do with an elepant with three balls? You walk him and pitch to the rhino.

Man)Not Ilean Faffinbach, We used to spend our summers together in eagle river All) Eagle River !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

many of you are thinking, what’s wrong with my pants. Well, they ran out of fabric just below the knees. So don’t give me any shit.

Name’s Pete Thompson, but, uh, everybody calls me Dead Meat.

No, if i were joking i would say, a horse walks into a bar, the bartender says, Why the long face?

now i cant remember if i like duck or soup which one do you shoot. Duck sir (bang) are you okay sir. yes why what have you heard. nothing sir

Oh yeah there one more thing. (Gets hit in the head hard with a ding sound.) Never mind I’ll get that it’s probaly for me.

Rabi mozel toff

Ramada: Topper you’re staring.
Topper Harley: No not really, I’m just lost in your eyes. That is the whitest white part of the eye I’ve ever seen. Do you floss?

Secratary: ANd if you ever put you hands on my wife again I’ll… (knocking at the door)
Admeral Benson: Come in, come in, I was expecting someone, THat’s good for now. Pudding?
Capt: No thank you sir.

sign: Smoke, Nobody Lives Forever

That is the whitest white part of the eye I’ve ever seen. Do you floss?

the moral on this base is shot to hell. look out there, there’s hardly a man moving!

Topper) (looking @ pictuers of a woman) cute! Dead-meat) Thanks, I try to stay in. You got any pictures of your family? I’d like to see em. Topper) Nahh, I don’t have time for a family, it’s the anchor that drowns a man. Besides, I got my bike and the open road. Dead-meat) Ahh, a loner. Toper) No, I own it.




Wait a minite. Why are you mad at me? He’s the guy who ate your father.

we have bogies at 3:00, ACHOO, ohh my god, a dozen more of them. And a blimp, a big shiny blimp slowly moving south!

Yankee doodle floppy disk, this is Foxtrot Zulu Milk Shake, checking in at seven hundred feet.

You know, I personally have flown one hundred ninety-four missions and was shot down during every one. Come to think of it, I’ve never landed a plane in my life.

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