Movie Quotes from Honeysuckle Rose: Quotes from the movie Honeysuckle Rose

–Anybody on this bus got a college education.
–I do. Just graduated in June.
–Good. Then you can get up and get us a beer.

Anything that hurts this many people can’t be right.

I’ve always been scared to death you’d get old before I grew up.

Loving you is easier than anything I’ll ever do again.

Slim Pickens (about to retire): You know, there was a time when all you needed was a hardon and a guitar and you were set.
Willie Nelson: Well, at least you still have the guitar.

They’ve used everybody else all up. They got to get around to guys like you and me sooner or later.

Two sides to every story.

We’ve been together about 15 years and tonight I’d like to announce our divorce. Isn’t that the kind of thing that country songs are all about?

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