Movie Quotes from Honeymoon in Vegas: Quotes from the movie Honeymoon in Vegas

1)My first question obviously – you’ve seen them together? 2)What? 1)You’ve seen them together your wife and Mr. Tyson?

1)My name Mahi. Mahi Mahi. 2)Like the fish? 1)Yeah. My father was a fisherman. 2)My father left home when I was 5. That’s why I’m named Jack, as in, ‘Jack tell your mother I’m just going out to get the paper.’

1)My wife is having an affair with Mike Tyson. 2)Uh MIKE TYSON, Mike Tyson? 1)Yea. That’s her. That’s Millie.

1)Why weren’t you in here before? 2)The Doctor said…1)Screw the Doctor!! 2)Mom you should save your strength. 1)Jack if I go… 2)Mom you’re not going to go 1)If I go, I want you to make me a promise. Say I promise 2)I promise 1)That you’ll always love me 2)Of course Mom 1)And you’ll never get married. 2)Mom, no, no. I can’t promise that. 1)No girl could love you like I did Jack. You’ll be unhappy. Don’t do it. 2)Mom don’t say that. 1)Promise me Jack. Never! 2)Mom, that’s a huge thing to ask! Mom! Mom! Mom! Come back!! I promise I won’t get married!!!

Do you find Chief Orman attractive?

Everybody thinks I’m nuts. The guys at the plant…everybody. They tell me she’s sneakin with Freddy Ramirez at the Sunrise Motel, but I know it’s the champ. She wouldn’t cheat with a piece of shit like Freddy Ramirez – beautiful girl like that!!!

Hey! I only had one dream where she was naked. And she was vacuuming. It wasn’t sexual! It was about cleanliness!

I’ll be sucking on a tailpipe by then.

I’m a whore, Jack! You made me into a whore! You brought me to Vegas and you turned me into a whore, Jack!

Jack Singer: I dreamt about my mother again last night. Betsy: Was she vacuuming naked? Jack Singer: No. She opened her eyes and I said, ‘Mom, I’m gonna marry that girl,’ and she smiled. Betsy: Really?
Jack Singer: Yeah. Of course she was naked.

Jack: Do you know what a straight flush is? It’s like…unbeatable.
Betsy: Like unbeatable is not unbeatable. Jack: Hey, I KNOW THAT NOW, OKAY??!

My wife is having an affair with Mike Tyson.

The five pools are here?


Ticket Agent: Please sir, if you don’t get back on line. Jack: Then what? I’ll be arrested? Put in airport jail? Just get your ticket and move on, okay? Get your goddamn ticket and move on!

What section of Kauai? There are sections of Kauai? Oh, I don’t know, how about where Jack Lord or Don Ho live, that must be a pretty good neighborhood.

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