Movie Quotes from Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves: Quotes from the movie Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

–This is great exercise.
–Yeah, why go to the gym when I’ve got a wicker chair?

–You are dead meat, mister!
–Gordon, you’re three-quarters of an inch tall. Now’s not the time.

Baseball camp will pass, but science is always cool.

You’ve reached the Szalinskis. At the sound of the beep, please leave
your message, your fax or your binary file.

[Wayne was asked to shrink Tiki Man, but he has shrunk it and the machine has shrunk him, Gordon, Patty and Diane, Diane faints.]
Patty: How did this happen?
Gordon: [Laughs nervously.] Well, it’s sort of a funny story.
Patty: [Notices Tiki Man.] And what is that Tiki-thing doing here?
Diane: [Comes to.] Tiki thing? [Looks, notices Tiki Man.] Ha ha ha! Oh, I get it. You thought you could outsmart me, man; you thought you could just shrink the Tiki Man down and I wouldn’t notice. Well, guess what, Wayne? I NOTICED!!!!!!!!

[Wayne,after the ride the car track and fall through the laundry chute]I don’t think we’re using enough fabric softener.

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