Movie Quotes from Hollywood Shuffle: Quotes from the movie Hollywood Shuffle

Amadeus…Amadeus…Amadu…we give that movie the finger (flipping off the camera)!

Did I think that a man in a skirt could kick my ass?!

Do 50 bullets in your ass make your day?

Don’t say the word Drugs around the man. Dont mention the words cocaine or freebase neither, unless you got some..

Go Jehri! Go Jehri! Go Jehri, Jehri curl!

Ho cake, ho cake, ho cake! Everyone want some ho cake. Ho’s gotta eat too. (Picks up shoe like a phone) What he want some ho cake too? He gonna have to wait.

I believe this movie. The acting, the directing, the storyline … and the actress that played the Ho! Bam!
It was like a documentary, the pimps, walking around looking for Ho’s and shit. It was real!

Jimmee, Jimmee, you killeded my brother!


She looked like she liked to do the nasty, and I liked the nasty!

So if you can’t take pride in your job, remember, there’s always work at the post office.

Tommmeee! Tommmeee! You killed-ed my brotha! He wuz my main dude, baby!

Whas all this noise? Can’t a bat hang upside down in his cage and get some sleep?

Why’d ya have to go and pull a knife man?
You stabbeded me, you stabbeded me in ma heart! I’m bleeding Jimmy, I’m bleedin’ cool!!

You Jive Turkey talking mother fucker!

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