Movie Quotes from Hollywood Knights, The: Quotes from the movie Hollywood Knights, The

…the lawn at the Country Club dance was torn up…….someone urinated in the refreshments…..someone farted all over the gym…..played a lewd recording over the PA……and then someone went onstage and stuck his finger out in place of his dick or somethin’

1. Did you hear about Jean Friedman? 2. No, what happened? 1. I heard that she had an abortion in Tijuana. 2. That’s not so bad. I heard she gave half the football team the clap. They played like they still had it. 3. And that was Brenda and Shirley Weintraub, the Iron Box twins coming to you live from Tubby’s Drive In (hums NBC theme)

1.How does that look?
2.Perfect,you look like a perfect horses ass

1.There’s a man farting in the gym!
2.Did you say farting?

1.Your ass is grass and I am the lawnmower.

a friend with weed is a friend indeed
surf sam

BEAT THE shit out of the PANTHERS

Cop 1: How would I look with a mustache? Cop 2: You’d look great. Actually, you’d look better than great, you’d look perfect. A perfect horse’s ass.

FD: I’ ready, Newbomb! I’m ready! NT: No. It’s not right. It’s not right….. FD: Did you come? You came! I can’t beleive you…you are so immature… NT: Immature?!?! What do you mean? I’m glad I came. I am so glad I came..

Gentlemen. Let’s spike the punch

He grabbed it with his dick!

He’s gonna fart the song.

Heavens, Nevins.

I present to you the one arm fiddle player

I’m glad I came

I’m gonna tell you buttholes somethin’……this shit is waaaaayy outta line

I’ve had this taste in my mouth before.

KBLA news is brought to you by yhe car of the future: STUDEBAKER

Lawrence……Lawrence of Arabia……he’s an English guy…..he came to fight the Turkish

man you have a big pussy. Man you have a big pussy.

My dick in the punch. My dick in the punch. #2. There’s someone out there looking for someone named dick.

Newbomb: What do you get when you cross a Bermuda onion with a donkey?

Answer: A piece of ass that brings tears to your eyes

Newbomb:(playing the big bad wolf)Hey Riding Hood, you wanna be eaten by The Big Bad Wolf?
Girl:(dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood) Fuck You, Newbomb.

Oh yeah man, I know that guy

Please don’t hurt me. I think I am a bleeder.

Thats impossible!he’s holding it with his dick

Turk: And their names are?
Blonde: Eyes Off!

Volare! *fart* Oh-oh-oh! *fart* *fart* Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh! Las ninas de tinta de blue! *fart *fart*

Where you ElCamino?

Where’s your ElCamino?

You killed my flowers!

(Katzenberg to the Azoff’s caterers)

You know what, I’m glad I came. I’m glad I came.

You squirrels better have nuts in your mouth, or YOUR GOING DOWNTOWN!

You squirrels better have some nuts in your mouth, or you’re going downdown!

You want the big one? I’ve got the BIG one.

You’re so immature.

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