Movie Quotes from Hollywoodland: Quotes from the movie Hollywoodland

–Good people to know?–Not if you know them.

–I’m Toni.–Just a poor girl with no last name.

–Your very first paid acting role was in Gone With The Wind, the biggest picture ever?–That’s right.

An actor can’t always act. Sometimes he has to work.

Does the truth make them happier?

I’m in the picture business.

Nobody ever asks to be happy later.

Superman doesn’t smoke.

Take the job. Cash the check.

The business is changing.

Was Reeves checked for powder burns? It’s a suicide shot to the temple. Where’s the burn?

Well, what ever happened to honor among thieves?

Well, you know what they say about land…they ain’t making more of it.

What’d he do, beat himself up before he shot himself?

You saying George Reeves was murdered?

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