Movie Quotes from History of Violence, A: Quotes from the movie History of Violence, A

#1 What have you done with my wife? #2 Ready! Go Wildcats! (jumps on him) No wives in here Mister.(kisses him) Quiet my parents are in the next room. (kisses him again) #1 Whoo. Your naughty.

#1 Mmmm. This is good coffee. Hard to find coffee this good in Philly… but you know that, don’t you Tom. #2 No, actually I don’t. I’ve never been to Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is that where you guys are from? #1 Ha ha, like you don’t know #2 I’m sorry, do you think we know each other? #1 (takes of shades) You tell me. #2 No, I don’t think we know each other. #1 Come on Joey, cut the crap. #2 My name is Tom. #1 Joey Cusack. Your name! Is Joey Cusack!

–In this family, we do not solve problems by hitting people!
–No, in this family, we shoot them!

–Oh, look, more reporters. Nice.
–They don’t look like reporters.

And ask him, Edie, how come he’s so good at killing people?

Are you in some kind of witness protection plan?

Eventually, we grow up, we get jobs, we have affairs, and we become alcoholics.

I know that my husband is Tom Stall, that’s what I know.

I shoulda killed you back in Philly.

I spent three years becoming Tom Stall.

No, sweetie. There’s no such thing as monsters.

Some mob guys showed up at the diner.

We should leave before he goes all Dirty harry on us.

You’re established your alpha male standing.

You’re living the American dream.

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