Movie Quotes from High School USA: Quotes from the movie High School USA

1) I wish we didnt have to run away. 2) We’re not running away, we’re joining the army. My uncle was in the army. 1) How come I never met him? 2) He got killed in boot camp.

1) I’m sorry Beau, we didnt mean anything. Wanna hang around with us? 2) What could I possibly have in common with you guys? 1) You like cheese?

1) Jay Jay Manners. Cute, endearing… 2) Modest!

1) Nobody breaks up with Beau Middleton. Beau Middleton calls the shots. Beau Middleton does the breaking up. 2) Well this will be a new experience for you…because Beth Franklin just broke up with Beau Middleton.

1) These arent Beau! These are pictures of his parents! 1 + 2) Ewwwwwwww!! 1) Why is Mrs Middleton wearing a nurses uniform? 2) That isnt Mrs Middleton. Thats MR Middleton!!

1) Whats that?! 2) WHAT is that?! 3) Hey that was great! Somebody pulled my pants down! 1 + 2) Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

1) Whens Bandini arriving with the bus engine? BUS CRASHES INTO THE ROOM 2) Ohhhhhh….any minute now.

1) You’re Beth Franklin right? 2) Yeah…I’m sorry I didnt see you. 1) Oh..I did that on purpose, I just wanted to get a better look at you. You’re a knockout! 3) And you’re a jerk! C’mon Beth.

1)I get to pick the cute one. 2) From those two?!

CLYDE:This looks like a job for the amazing and cat-like Clyde Vargas.
J.J.: He means well.

Do I own them or what!

I’m scared of the dark, and when I get scared I jump into somebodys arms. If i jump into your arms, people are gonna talk! as it is my phones got cobwebs!

J.J.:I almost never see my mom and dad,which makes me fiercely
independant. I’m sixteen,my car is eighteen…which is good,because I
like a car with experience.

Please tell me its just a couple of scratches. Please tell me my dad isnt gonna kill me.

Robot my behind!!

Wanna make out?

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