Movie Quotes from High School High: Quotes from the movie High School High

…he’s a good teacher….and I’m not just saying that because we slept together

1)How would you like me to shove this breadstick up your ass? 2)I’m sure it would taste better if you didn’t

1: You’re a virgin! 2: No, I just haven’t got my panties off.

and this kid, everybody thought he had terretts syndrome until mr Clark realized he was a hindu forein exchange student.

Here you go, you little slut.

I am woman.

i get it french class

I’m wasted off my ass and your still ugly.

If they think they can scare my off by attacking you they’re nuts…they can attack you all they want!

its just an innocent little dance

oh french class

Oh Griff this is the happiest I ever remember being. this is the first time I haven’t wished for a gas main to erupt while I was smoking a cigarette.

Over the next few weeks I am going to cram as much information into your brains as humanly possible…..or….as space will allow.

Rhinestone Cowboy.

Top of the world.

Yo Dis Anferny an im jus chizillen wit my BITCH!

You remind me of myself…except I was white…and had both my parents…and lived in the suburbs…


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