Movie Quotes from High Sierra: Quotes from the movie High Sierra

–Don’t play dumb.
–I don’t intend to.

–I’m telling you, it’s your last chance!
–That’s what you say, copper!

–I’ve been waiting over an hour.
–I’ve been waiting too. Over eight years.

–What you ought to do is get out in the sun. Do you good.
–Where I was staying, they didn’t let me get out in the sun. Afraid I might spoil my girlish complexion.

–Where did you ever get the name Algernon?
–My old lady thought it up. Pip, ain’t it? Kind of gives me class.

All the A-one guys are gone, dead or in Alcatraz.

But if I don’t get my end, you ain’t gonna be around long.

Come and get me, buddy! What’s the matter, you yellow?

He calls the tune and you dance to it.

He’s dead. Yep, cold as a mackeral. Kicked off in his sleep, I guess.

Hello. This you, Art?…This is Earle. Mac’s dead.

Hey, I see you got an Illinois license plate.

Hey, mister, what’s it mean when a guy crashes out?

I got my instructions and I’ll follow them.

I haven’t got a soul in L.A.

I never let nobody down, Mac. You know that.

I saw a guy take a dive once. He made quite a splash.

I wouldn’t give you two cents for a dame without a temper.

I’ll come back and see Velma walk.

I’ve been trying to crash-out ever since I can remember.

I’ve done all the time I’m every going to do.

Just rushing toward death.

Just what I told poor Mac. A copper’s always a copper.

Larry’s the head man, now that Mac’s gone.

Listen to me. I’m giving it to you straight. I got plans, see? And there’s no room in them for you.

My ma and pa fought like cats and dogs, going on 40 years.

Of all the 14-karat saps…Starting out on a caper with a woman and a dog.

Remember what Johnny Dillinger said about guys like you and him? He said you were just rushing toward death.

Roy, this is the land of milk and honey for the health racket. Every woman in California thinks she’s either too fat or too thin or too something.

Small timers for small jobs.

Sometimes when you’re out in the night and you look up at the stars,
you can almost feel the motion of the earth.

Them newspaper rats!

we don’t need no

When they hang that number one-tag on you, they shoot first and argue afterwards.

Why, you’re Roy Earle, the bandit!

Yeah, I get it, you always sorta hope you can get out, it keeps you

Yes, the evil eye.

You can rustle me up some breakfast.

You got it all figured out, ain’t you?

You’re looking at the pride of the Sierras, brother. Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the United States. 14,501 feet above sea level.

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