Movie Quotes from High Road to China: Quotes from the movie High Road to China

(S)I only made one mistake.
(A)What was that?
(S)I should have sold you when I had the chance.

1. You are my guests for dinner tonight 2. Does that mean he’s going to feed us or eat us?

1: Does that mean your still going? 2: Yeah I’m still going, but I’m going solo, got it? 1: Ohhh NO! I will not give you one penny unless I go to! 2: That’s not part of the deal! 1: So sue me! 2: I don’t have to sue you, I’ll ring your skrawney neck! 1: Oh yeah, go on, Do it!

1: Look at my Dorothy. LOOK AT MY DOROTHY, and tell me one good reason why I should let you go. 2: He’s my father.


Does that mean he’s going to feed us or eat us?


I double my offer…60,000 pounds.

I see you know how to treat women!

Mr. O’Malley, I will be leaving the first thing in the morning with or
without you.


Person 1: WOMAN Person 2:Aw shit, Men!


Stop her! Stop her!

Take that you baby raping son of a bitch!

That’s 30,000 pounds, Mr. O’Malley.

The dame’s nuts.

The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient.

These people need me.

Which one of you would like the honor of loaning me an airplane?

You hold all the cards.

You’re always that drunk.

You’re nuts!

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