Movie Quotes from Head: Quotes from the movie Head

(women to mickey) Now suck the poisen out of my finger before it reaches my heart (mickey starts talking ot mike…..girl faints)(mike to mickey) Whats wrong with her (mickey walks over to girl and starts kicking her) Come on now…..your not dead stop faking (girl) Stop kicking me.

1) I keep telling him to stay down! 2) Yea well he didn’t hear you!

1) I’d like a glass of cold gravy with a hair in it. 2) One of your own?

1) I’m the dummy Micky, I’m always the dummy. 2) You’re right, Pete your always the dummy, I’m sorry, you’re always the dummy Pete, sorry, I’m sorry.

1) Pathetic 2) no. 1) its pitiful 2) shutup 1) you shutup 2) no you shutup 1) you shutup 2) shutup shutup YOU YOU YOU SHUTUP YOU! 1) All right I will.

1) Whats wrong? 2) I ordered this and now I don’t want it. 1) Why dont you just throw it away? 2) I can’t there’s starving… 1) Starving Chinese, I know.

1) Your song was pretty white. 2) Well so am I what can I tell you?

1. But why should you listen to me, why should I speak? Since I know nothing. 2) Nothing? You know nothing? 3) Calm down, Davy. 2) Calm down? We’re stuck in a box! We’re stuck in a big black box! Now you’re telling me to calm down and he’s saying he don’t know nothing.

And another thing…the same thing goes for christmas.

But then why should i speak? I know nothing

I’d like a glass of cold gravy with a hair in it.

Micky: Hey come on lady wake up. Come stop acting, get up. Lady: Well stop kicking me! Micky: Man I don’t want to do this anymore. ( Arrows hit him.) These fake arrows and these fake trees, Bob I’m through. (walks away.) Mike: Well hold on Micky. ( runs after Micky.)

Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor

Now we are stuck in this Giant box

Quick, suck it before the venom reaches my heart

Quiet, isn’t it, George Michael Dolenz? I said: Quiet, isn’t it, George Michael Dolenz?

Shut up… You shut up… No you shut up… YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU SHUT UP YOU

That song was pretty white, man.

Waitress: Are you still playing tribute to Ringo Starr? Micky: Would you like a pinch in the mouth? Waitress: I’ll think about it. Micky: don’t hurt yourself.

We already told you, good officer sir. We last saw Davy in the john…er, comfort room.

You say you like our story, although there isn’t one. That is to say there’s many, that way there is more fun!

You’re the dummy, DUMMY!

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