Movie Quotes from He Got Game: Quotes from the movie He Got Game

the best fucking ball player around

#1: What kind of name is Jesus anyway? #2: It’s biblical… #1:No shit.

1. What kind of name is Jesus. 2. It’s a biblical name. 3. No shit!

Do you know how to spell pussy?
I can spell pussy, P-U-S…

Hello again everyone, I’m Robin Roberts, welcome to Sportscenter. Tonight our feature is about a biblical player, the chosen one, the second coming, the resurrection, the salvation. ESPN gets religion, as we follow a day in the life of Abraham Lincoln senior Jesus Shuttlesworth, the number one basketball prospect in the country, Jesus of Coney Island.

Its the will in a man, it ain’t the skill in a man.

Jake, you just like everybody else.
I ain’t like everybody else. I ain’t like everybody else. Everybody else ain’t your father. Everybody else ain’t bring you in this world. Everybody else don’t care about you, son.

Lincoln Linc Linc Linc Lincoln roll call: My name is Sip (yeah), whether East or West (yeah), I rock this joint with most finesse. Roll Call. Lincoln Linc Linc Linc Lincoln roll call: My name is Jesus (yeah), I am the man (yeah), what’s up with these questions (yeah) about my plan?

My name is Jesus, I am the man. Whats all these questions. About my plan

Lincoln, L, L L L Lincoln

Oh no? You got a dick, don’t you?
Without a doubt.
You got balls, don’t you?
Both of ’em, both of ’em.

The bigger a nigga get up in this motherfucker, the more they hate you.

Uncle Bubba even said that you were gonna buy him and Aunt Sally some new house in Long Island. He asked me if I wanna go house shopping with him, lookin’ for a big old house too, with like a green lawn and grass and lots of trees and even a swimmin’ pool in the back.
Uncle Bubba told you that?


you better get your head on strait, or you just going to end up another nigga… like yo’ father

You know your pops, bugged out as he is right now, but back in the day he could play some ball, yeah. Did you know that, huh? Did you know that?
He knows.

You look like a cockroach. Cockroach? Cockroach this then, cockroach this.

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