Movie Quotes from Head of state: Quotes from the movie Head of state

1)um ii dont think your allowed to say that on national t.v. 2)your telling me a grown man has never said the word shit before in his life, and i’ll tell you hes full of shit!

America is the most powerful nation on earth! If America was a woman, America would be a big titty woman! And everyone loves a big titty woman!

America’s like a big tittied woman, and everyone loves a big titties woman…

cancer lover

He feels bad, mighty low. Got nowhere to go. What can yopu do when you’re feeling low? And your car just got repo’d!

How about a massage?

How can you support Drug Laws if you’ve never smoked the chronic?

I asked her what’s 4+4 she said 44

I asked my niece the other day, what’s 4+4? She said 44. That ain’t right!

I grew up in a neighborhood soo bad, you can get shot will your gettin shot

I thought I told you that we won’t stop, I thought I told you that we won’t stop!

If I am elected, I will take care of everybody. Big business and small business, show business and ho business!

If I see Mays Gilliam I’m gonna bust a cap in his ass.

LEWIS: I believe Mays is over his time limit. MAYS: Oh, no, you had eight years to talk. I’ma get mine. I’ma get mine!

Mays Gilliam: If we had laws on the Destiny’s Child Video, we’d have less crime.
Brian Lewis: I think we should let the people decide.
Mays Gilliam: The people can’t decide! The people are too busy gettin shot in the ass!

Nikki-I can do something.
Martin and Mitch-No!

Now I know you’re not callin’ me an ignorant nigga and thinkin’ that you’re staying on my bus.

Now that over there is the Lincoln Memorial. He freed the slaves but he said first you niggas gotta build me a statue.

Now that over there…Thats The Lincoln Memorial. He Freed All The Slaves, But Beofre He Did He Said First You Niggas Goota Build Me A Statue

Presidential canidate Mays Gilliam’s body guard will now be played by mohammed, mohammed, mohammed.

See, now thats what your black ass get. Oh i’m gonna get mine I’ma tell mom. YOU BETTER NOT TELL!

That aint right!!!!!!!!

We want you to run for President. (Of what?) America (What America?) NORTH AMERICA!

Yo’ mama’s ass is so big that when she sits down she’s three feet taller

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