Movie Quotes from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Quotes from the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

1)I really do hate the children.

1)[during an inspection] You applied first for the Defense Against the Dark Arts post, is that correct?
2) Yes.
1)But you were unsuccessful?

Cho: Mistletoe.Harry: Probably full of nargles.Cho: What are nargles?Harry: No idea.[they kiss]

Dudley: [tauntingly] At least I’m not frightened of my pillow. ‘Don’t kill Cedric!’ Who’s Cedric? Your boyfriend?Harry: Shut up.Dudley: ‘He’s going to kill me, Mum!’ Where is your Mum? Is she dead? Is she dead?![Dudley and his friends laugh]

Dumbledore: Harry. It is not how you are alike. It is how you are different that matters.

Dumbledore: It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom. The Aurors are on their way.Voldemort: By which time I shall be gone – and you shall be dead.[they duel]

Fred: We were thinking, Harry. We could slip Umbridge some Puking Pastilles –
George: Or some Fever Fudge. They give you these massive, pus-filled boils –
Harry: [trying to be alone with Cho] Yeah, that sounds great guys could you excuse me?

Harry: We need some place where we can practice spells.Ginny: The Shrieking Shack?Harry: No, it’s too small.Hermione: The Forbidden Forest?Ron: Not bloody likely!Ginny: Harry, what happens if Umbridge finds out?Hermione: Who cares?[all look at her in astonishment]Hermione: I mean, it’s kind of exciting, isn’t it? Breaking the rules?Ron: Who are you, and what have you done with Hermione Granger?Hermione: [laughs] Well, at least we know one positive thing that came from today.Harry: Yeah, and what’s that?Hermione: Cho couldn’t keep her eyes off you, could she?

Harry: You’re the weak one. You’ll never know love…or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.

Harry: [being possessed] You’ve lost, old man.

Hermione: Everyone, this is Loony-[stops, flustered]Hermione: Er…Luna Lovegood.[awkward silence]Hermione: That’s an interesting necklace.Luna: It’s a charm, actually. [whispers] Keeps away the Nargles.[another awkward pause]Luna: Hungry. I hope they have pudding.Ron: [whispers to Hermione] What’s a Nargle?Hermione: No idea.

Hermione: GRAWP! Put. Me. Down!
[Grawp looks at her in bewilderment]
Hermione: NOW![Grawp does so]
Ron: Are you all right?Hermione: I’m fine. He just needs a firm hand, is all.Harry: [as Grawp is rummaging for something] Looks like you’ve got an admirer.Ron: You just stay away from her!Grawp: [gives Hermione a bike handle and looks at her expectantly]Hermione: [rings its bell]Grawp: [looks satisfied]Ron: [folds his arms in jealousy]

Hermione: You’ve done it, Neville! You’ve found the Room of Requirement.Ron: The what?Hermione: It’s also known as the Come And Go Room. It can only be used by someone who really needs it. And it’s always equipped for the seeker’s needs.Ron: Right. So if you really needed a toilet?Hermione: [pause] Charming, Ron. But yes.

James: Who wants to see me take of Snivelly’s pants?

Kingsley: You may not like him, Minister, but you can’t deny – Dumbledore’s got style.

Luna: Well, if I were You-Know-Who, I’d want you to feel cut off from everyone. Because if it’s just you, on your own…then you’re not much of a threat.

Madam Bones: Can you describe them?Mrs. Figg: Well. One of them was very large. And the other, rather skinny.Fudge: We mean the dementors, not the boys!

Neville: Fourteen years ago, a Death Eater named Bellatrix Lestrange used the Cruciatus Curse on my parents. She tortured them for information, and they never gave in. I’m quite proud to be their son. But I don’t think I want anyone else to know just yet.

Ron: I asked Neville if he wanted a sweet, so of course they ate the whole lot themselves!Hermione: [astonished] That was…clever, Ron!Ron: Well it’s bound to happen sometime.

Sirius: Once this is all over, we can be a proper family.

Sirius: Stay away from my godson. [punches Malfoy]

Snape: Your lessons are at an end. Get. Out.

Umbridge: You leave me no choice. Since it is a matter of Ministry security…the Cruciatus Curse ought to loosen your tongue.Hermione: That’s illegal!Umbridge: [puts down a picture of Fudge] What the Minister doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Umbridge: [while being attacked by centaurs] Do something! Tell them I mean no harm!Harry: Sorry, Professor. I must not tell lies.

We’ve got something he doesn’t have. We’ve got something worth fighting for.

[a scene of a thestral eating cuts to a scene of Ron eating grossly]
Hermione: Do you ever stop eating?Ron: [with a full mouth] What? I’m hungry.

[after a duel against Hermione, which she won]
Ron: [to his brothers] I let her do that. It’s good manners. Completely intentional.

[after falling into a room that wasn’t there before]
Ron: [getting up] Department of Mysteries. Well they got that part right.

[discussing Harry’s first kiss]
Ron: So how was it?Harry: Kind of…wet.Ron: [trying to hold back his laughter unsuccessfully] That bad at it, are you?Hermione: I’m sure Harry’s kissing was more than satisfactory. Besides, Cho spends half her time crying these days.Ron: [still chuckling] You’d think a bit of snogging would cheer her up!

[Harry twitches like Voldemort]Harry: [to Dumbledore] LOOK AT ME![Dumbledore does, looking stunned]Harry: [realizing what he just did] What’s happening to me?

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