Movie Quotes from Hard Eight: Quotes from the movie Hard Eight

–He thinks you don’t like him.
–I don’t.

–If I gave you fifty dollars, what would you do with it?
–I’d eat.
–How long can you eat? How long can you live on fifty dollars?

Hard Eight baby, just like mine!

Hey, Big Time, this one’s for you. Hard Eight, baby! Hey, sorry, Big Time, I’ll buy you a drink.

I am glad to see you are having a wonderful honeymoon.

I know some things about Atlantic City.

I want my money.

In my experience, if you don’t know how to count cards, you oughta stay away from blackjack.

It’s good to meet a new friend.

Never ignore a man’s courtesy.

The other night over at the El Dorado, I saw a cat have a heart attack right at the craps table.

You bet the hard eight for a thousand and pressed it for two.

You think, what, you can walk through this life without being punished?

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