Movie Quotes from Happy, Texas: Quotes from the movie Happy, Texas

1) Screw you! 2)Wouldn’t it be cheating on the sherif?

1)Why did the armadillo cross the road? 2)Why? 1)It didn’t. See?

Be careful of boys, they have a way about them. They’ll make ya feel like fine crystal one minute, an old penny the next.

Darla dropped her flaming batton…she almost went up like one of them Buddahist monks

i don’t know about you, but i have hetera, … not homosexual written all over me!

I guess like, like everybody, I’m scared of being, you know, rejected.

Kill it, dehorn it, wipe its butt and send it on in…

Me & you, we ain’t talkin

Somebody stole our crappy camper!

That’s what life’s for, isn’t it? Finding out?

The light is green!

The light is green.

They’re midget clothes for midgets!

WAITER: How would you like your steak? SHERIFF CHAPPY: Just de-horn it, wipe it’s butt and send it on in!

WAYNE: (Holding a little boy up by his shirt collar) If I EVER catch you near one of my girls again I won’t say nothin’….I’ll just come to your house at night while you’re asleep….and kill you with a chainsaw.

We’re traveling midget tailors!

Well that may be easy for you, Rock Hudson, but i don’t wanna be gay.

Winds of Fury! Winds of Fury!

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