Movie Quotes from Hard Rain: Quotes from the movie Hard Rain

1)do you teach your students how to make things like those? 2)Have you been to a high school lately? My students teach me how to make things like these.

1)What were you doing at the church? 2)I was looking for a place to hide. 3)From what, Swamp Thing?

Alright, now listen. I’m gonna ask you one more time, and before you start bullshitting me again think of this. I’ve had a very frustrating night, and while I may not find the money if I kill you I’m at the point now where I just don’t care.


Henry: Doreen, do want me to get us out of here? Doreen: Yes! Henry: Then shut the fuck up!

Into the river we go and in the river we die. Thats the River from Springsteen. I’m all outta Bible quotes

The River.

what’s not to like? These dashing polyester uniforms or the solid three figure income?

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