Movie Quotes from Gummo: Quotes from the movie Gummo

…She’s got a v8 p***y and a cadillac ass!

Aww look at his little faggoty bunny ears. Rabbits QUEER!

clifford dumkin is the fat cocaine addict who lives down by my house. he’s into wife-swapping and sex parties. he gives girls cocaine and he fucks them in front of different kids in the neighborhood. everytime i see him he’s got cocaine all over his mustache.

cops are mad ‘cuz we get more pussy then they do

FootFoot, you stink a bitch.

Hi Solly are you clean..did you use soap? Here let me smell your wrist. Smells Good.
Solly-What’s it smell like?
retard-Like big black cherries
Solly-My mom gives me cherry shampoo.
retard-I like cherries. I put cherries in my icecream. I like the name of cherry..cherries.

i know a kid who is cross-eyed, but he sees everything backwards so it evens out…

I like the name of cherry…cherries.

i want a mustache dammit!

I’m also gay.

If they don’t have strawberry,i’ll get pineapple.

Life is great. Without it you’d be dead.

Meet a girl from salt lake city, she had two quart legs and two rubber titties. She let off electricty but she burn alot of gas.
She had a V8 pussy and a cadalic ass.

My brother dresses like ladies.

Is he pretty?

Pretty enough to have a boyfriend

Smile sonovabitch, or i’m gonna kill ya.

Solomon: Xenia, Ohio. Xenia, Ohio. A couple of years ago, a tornado hit this place. It killed the people left and right. Houses were split open, and you could see necklaces hanging from branches of trees. Dogs died. Cats died. I saw a girl fly through the sky… and I looked up her skirt.

thats nothing new for trash like you

When I sit down to eat I feel hungry, when I go to sleep I feel sexy.

When I sit down to eat I feel sexy, and when I sit down to sleep I fee hungry.

you got a big ol’ lump in your titty

You got a lump in your tity.


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