Movie Quotes from Gumshoe: Quotes from the movie Gumshoe

A) Right. I’ll tell you. You don’t want these things to happen, okay ? keep your husband of me back. B) Why? what’s happened? A) Somebody told Tommy that for the continued success of his club I had to go. B Who’d do a thing like that ??? A) Hitler. B) Hitler’s dead. A) No, he’s alive, he’s well, he’s living with you !

A) Where’s Danny ? he’s disappeared, I haven’t seen him in a week B) Listen fats, the last time I saw him he was leaving my room after wallpapering it with my brains…

A) You don’t look well. B) Wait till I get my teeth in!

A) I’m Anne Scott B) I’m all shook up A) What’s your name ? B) Modeling. Clay Modeling. A) I don’t think I fancy you, Modeling B) Work on it A) I like tall men B) The seven dwarves got Snow White…

A- (looking at Eddie’s handkerchief): E for Eddie… B) E for enough which is what I’ve had.

Baby, you’re good for me.

I say, I say, I say…

I’m on the DOLE, you bum !!!

In 15 minutes Bingo, so you can drink as if there was no tomorrow.

The Plaza Hotel is the kind of place where the Axminster tickles your knees and you need a black tie to take a bath.

What’s a chick like you doing in a heap like this ?

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