Movie Quotes from Gossip: Quotes from the movie Gossip

-i went to danberry? what’s his name, maybe i know him.
-I don’t think so, derek webb
-what is this, some kind of a sick joke? get out of here!

-Who’s the stiff trying to warm her up?
-That’s Bo Edson. The last guy on campus who thinks she puts out. And everybody knows she doesn’t. I just don’t get women who are afraid of sex…

Derek: i take it that it didnt go so well in side there. See Jones, thats the difference between you and me….i lie better than you tell the truth.

Derek: people are people, we do what we do..then we gossip about it. Now some people could be more noble about it, but then the stories wouldnt be as good. I like gossip

It was so cute, like Victorias Secrets on crystal meth!

Jones- Everyone knows you don’t sleep with a girl long enough to live with her

Jones: What are you doing?
Travis: I’m just having a dialogue with gravity.

Jones:I know, but I hardly know these people and I don’t hold anything against them.
Derek: Except for the Monte Blanc and daddys limo…
Jones: Alright…
Derek: Wait, lemme get this stright. You don’t like this person, but you don’t want to be mean because you’re from Plymouth and thats where the pilgrims are from and, you know, they’re not mean becuase they wear the little hats and the buckles on their shoes…
Jones: There were mean pilgrims…
Derek: No no no, they were to busy giving thanks.

People tend to remember me and ya know what– I dont always remember them.

See the problem with your position about being nice, Jones. Nice people dont live life. I dont want to go through all my days being all sweet and polite, and then realize, when I’m 80…I’m just some nice dead person.

see you at the Plaza..

there just words how bad could it be

who comes to a party in the meat-packing district in a towncar?
-Her father’s a very big deal…

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