Movie Quotes from Gosford Park: Quotes from the movie Gosford Park

–And why shouldn’t I be interested in films? You don’t know what I’m
interested in.
–Well, I know you’re interested in money and fiddling with your guns.
But I admit it, when it comes to anything else, I’m stumped.

–Could you imagine someone being hanged because of something I said?
–Yes. But what purpose could it possibly serve?

–He’s a vegetarian. He doesn’t eat meat.
–Doesn’t eat meat? He comes to a shooting party and doesn’t eat meat?

–Nobody can stab a corpse and not know it.
–Really? When was the last time you stabbed a corpse?

–Oh, sure. It’s called ‘Charlie Chan In London’.
–Set in London?
–Well, not really. Most of it takes place at a shooting party in a
country house. Sort of like this one, actually. Murder in the middle of the night, a lot of guests for the weekend, everyone’s a suspect. You know, that sort of thing.

–That’s not true is it, William? That you think the Empire’s finished?
–Surely everyone feels the war changed things. Don’t they?

–You British really don’t have a sense of humor, do you?
–We do if something’s funny!

Constance:) Tell me, what happened to William’s little maid? I never saw her again after that dinner. Mary:) Elsie? Constance:) Hmm. Mary:) She’s gone.
Constance:) Aw, it’s a pity, really. I thought it was a good idea to have someone in the house who is actually sorry he’s dead.

Has anyone checked her outfit? She’s probably in black velvet with a feather in her hair.

I am the perfect servant…I have no life.

I have a date with a hot glass of milk.

Not much of a crime to stab a dead man, is it? They can never touch him. That’s what’s important, his life.

So what is it about? I can’t tell you that it would spoil it for you! Oh none of us will see it!

There isn’t a snobblish bone in my body!

What about Claudette Colbert? She’s British, isn’t she?

When a man’s as short as you are, it must be difficult to gauge the
height of the birds.

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