Movie Quotes from Gotcha!: Quotes from the movie Gotcha!

Although that thought may be of great comfort to the women of the world, Mr. Moore, as a future veterinarian, you should know that every dog eventually has his day.

And just think, a week in Paree and he’ll come back sounding just like … Marcel Marceau.

Go ahead. Make my day.

I am Carlos from Algeria. Have you heard of me?

It’s not a camera. It’s a Nikon.

Jonathan no home!

L.A.! We love it!

Swedish chicks dig terrorists.

This is the second lie, Jonathan … Do not let there be a third.

When school’s in session, you get an education. When it’s not in session, you get a job.

You are very beautiful…I just didn’t want you to forget.

You are Weer-gin ?

You mean you rather do nothing than go out with me?

Your pencil is big and yellow?

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