Movie Quotes from Gorky Park: Quotes from the movie Gorky Park

A fellow should keep hair off his face, you know.

Are you sure we should investigate this?

Greetings, comrades. I bring you hot water bottles.

I suspect everyone.

I’m just a plodding investigator – no style. Completely out of my depth – oh, yes.

I’m used to dealing with the dead. The only emotion I feel about one of these is a faint hope it may be a party official.

I’ve been to your wonderful Soviet markets – I’ve never seen anything fresh enough to bleed.

KGB has better cars, you know? Yes, but they don’t always take you where you want to go, do they?

Like a thigh, eh? Just like strokin’ her leg.

Promise me I can have your face when the breath has left your body.

The director of that film promised me a pair of new boots if I went to bed with him. Think I should?

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