Movie Quotes from Getaway, The: Quotes from the movie Getaway, The

–Dillinger got killed.
–Not in a bank.

–Hello, Doc.
–You okay?
–I’m a lot better off than I was an hour ago.

–It isn’t a game.
–It’s all a game.

–Just like old times?
–Better then old times.
–I hope so. I am not looking forward to another stretch.

–What happened to Hansen?–He didn’t make it…And neither did you!

-What happend to Hansen?
-He didn’t make it. And neither did you!

-What’s the plan?
-The plan is to shut up.

Aren’t we going a little bit hard? That’s a walk-in bank, many. A piece of cake. You don’ thave to be Dillinger for that one. Bang.

Can’t trust a thing nowadays.

Damn, you know that’s the trouble with this goddang world. There ain’t no morals.

Doc: You were supposed to make a deal with him, not fuck his brains out!
Carol: The deal wasn’t good enough!
Doc: Then you should have walked away.

Don’t get any blood on me. I hate blood.

Good to see you in them civilian clothes.

I did it for you and you’re not worth it.

I didn’t think you could handle the truth.

I’m from Orem. That’s right near Salt Lake. There’s about 12 people in the state who aren’t Mormons, and I’m one of them.

If anything happens, do what you got to do.

It does something to you, you know…It does something to you, in there.

It’s been my experience that having friends is overrated.

It’s the oldest con game in the world. He switched keys with you.

Let me make you feel good, doctor.

One of these days you’re going to have to trust somebody.

Only in God I trust.

Poor little Harold

Punch it, baby!

Say, you wouldn’t happen to be a Mormon, would you?

Superior technology, my ass.

Tell him I’m for sale. His price.

That’s a walk-in bank, man. A piece of cake.

This is going to be our last job.

This is going to be the last big score, I promise.

When you’re working a lock, don’t leave any scratches.

You run the job, but I run the show. And don’t forget it.

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