Movie Quotes from Getting Even with Dad: Quotes from the movie Getting Even with Dad

( the two men are looking for the coins as Tim has hidden them and in their hand is a treasure map Tim has made, and they stop at a church )
1) What if it’s not an X? 2) What? 1) What if it’s a cross?
( Hallelujah plays, they enter the church, the big man has a cigarette ) 2) What are you doin’? God don’t want smokin’ in here. ( 1 tries to put out the cigarette in the holy water, 2 stops him ) 1) No, no, that’s holy water. 2) Jesus Christ! ( they walk down the aisle, 2 kneels and crosses himself ) 1) No, no, we ain’t got time for that. Let’s look for the coins. ( 1 looks for the coins at the altar while 2 looks around the organ, 2 kneels to look under the organ and his hand accidentally hits the bottom C on the organ, piercing the whole church, 1 catches fire from the holy candles, nun catches him and goes to phone and calls police ) 2) I’m sorry ’bout the organ. 1) Shut up! ( both see holy offering box, 1 crosses himself ) 1) Are you happy now? ( both run and grab the offering box when nun shows up ) 3) HEY, PUT THAT DOWN! 2) WHOA! NUN! 3) This is the house of God. 1) WHAT’S HE DONE FOR ME LATELY?! ( the nun chases the two and the cops show up )

–So, you dating yet?
–I’m eleven.
–Yeah, I guess you should give it some time. I myself didn’t start dating until I was eleven and a half.

Im gonna regret this

Where are the coins Tim and I want to know NOW!

would you like 1 scoop or 2? make it 3 i’m not driving

You don’t have to take me to Paris. Just Baskin Robbins.

[In a church]
Carl: Jesus Christ!

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