Movie Quotes from Get Real: Quotes from the movie Get Real

1: I don’t like coffee.
2: You don’t like kisses.

1: No, she’s cuddly. And until a few seconds ago, you assumed that because i’m a fat girl instead of some slim oil painting i’d be gagging for a quick one in the doorway of Toys R Us. I can just imagine sex with you: pathetic fumbling to find the bra-strap,
the slobbery kisses, belching into some poor girls mouth because you’ve had too much chili sauce on your kabob. And then the main event, which is either over in seconds or not at all because you’re too fucking pissed.
2: so i take that as a definite no?
1: take it up your bum

for nearly a year after that i thought babies were made when two women tied a man to a bed and covered his willy with ice cream.

fuck me, well I don’t mean literally, but..(long pause) fuck me!

It’s only love. What’s everyone so scared of?

john dixon. he is sex on legs.


Not even him? Rob Dixon? He’s sex on legs.

we’ve got to stop meeting like this

you dont know why you did it either right?
you mean, youre…i mean when kevin and the guys call you names and stuff they are only taking the piss right? i mean, youre not really dodgy….yea im dodgy….fuck me. i dont mean, i just mean….sorry.

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