Movie Quotes from Get Over It: Quotes from the movie Get Over It

– I called them for advice once
– Really
– Yeah, I had zits on my balls. They’re gone now

– It’s your turn to get the ball
– I’m not getting the ball you get the ball

-But if some guy had dazled his way into my x girlfriend’s fancies I’d probably be doing the same thing. Only I’d have a better part. _…dropped your sword.

-How bout some frozen yogart -MMM sounds good…then again Birk might want to go home and polish the rocket… -Yogart’s good!

-It’s a lead role! -Yea I know -Me thinks thou best not botch it!

-Kiss a little longer, make it last a little longer -PROJECTION!!!! Mr Landers

-Well you’re intimidating me. -Well you are frightening me…how do u dress yourself in the morning?

1) What? 2) What? 1) Are you lost? 2) No, actually I’m looking for stage crew. 1) Oh, well then shouldn’t you be over there. (points over to where stage crew is….)

Take a look, here I am, can’t you seeOne simple smile from you could set me freeSo if you take a look, let your heart be your guideI’ll show you love if you take a lookAt the girl inside

A little to the left… Jessica, what direction do you think left is? See if you go with your instinct and reverse it i think we may have something.

a)So were going to have to do this again tommorow night b)yea a) how do you think it will end? b) i dunno a) we could always bring back the popular Big Red song! b) I’d rather be shot again with an arrow a) I thought it was a prop b) yea yea

a.) You know that song Pocket Full Of Dreams? b.) Yah, down here we call it Pocket Full of Ass.

After this, I’ll be directing on the streets!

Allison, I know this world is killing you. Ohhhh Allison, my aim true.

And keep icing your front bum! I need you…not really

And keep icing your front bum! Swelling continues when you don’t ice, and I need you…not really

and keep icing your front bum…swelling continues when you dont ice and i need you….not really

And thanx for not showering

And who knows? Among us today might be our school’s next, well, our next Peter Wong. Hey Petey, cool shirt

Are you crying?
no your just queezing my puncture wound
(kiss) smooch

are you wearing make up?

Bill Shakespear was a great poet, but burt backerack he ain’t

Bill Shakespeare is a wonderful poet. But Bert Bacarac, he ain’t

Boy was I a dumbass

burk:i heard you let a little friend of mine take off your party dress oh alison i know this world is killing you…Felix: burk the neighbors are screaming at you!burk:alison alison my aim is (crash)Felix:burk your aim sucks

Burke, your aim sucks!

burke- hey what are you doing?
felix- just watching chester screwing the rubber tree

Burke:(singing)..Alison, my aim is true…(falls off roof)
Felix: Burke your aim sucks

Chorus!? You gotta be shitting me.

do it!

Dr. Forrest-Oates: Mr. Landers! Are we having R.E.M.?

dude we burnt the shit outa his face
tomorrow night…same thing!

Felix, I’ve taken pisses longer than your last three relationships!

For the first time in my life i was in love and i knew it would last forever[pause]boy was i a dumb ass

For the first time in my life I was in love. And I knew it would last forever. Boy was I a dumb ass

For the first time in my life, I was in love. And I knew it would last forever….. Boy was I a dumb ass.

Foresst Oats: Just because God blsses you doesn’t meen there isn’t anoter sneeze coming.

Guys, does this fruit punch taste tated to you….It has chunks.

Horace??? You gotta be shittin’ me!!!

I got zits on my balls! Dude I don’t know

I said shocked Mr Landers not constipated and…you would tell me if you had a stroke?

I’d be careful with that accent Striker cos you’re starting to sound a lot like Mary Poppins

I’ll Kill you you asskissing pretentious swing town TWIT! this my theatre MY SHOW FOREST OATS IS MY SPECIAL BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!

if u want somebody,
give your boooody……….

is anyone good on their feet? a shuffle, a spin, or an attitude with any kind with a pose!-well, uh, sometimes coach calls me crazy legs- oh, does he!

It say 12 original songs by Dr. Desmond Forrest Oats. I’ll tell you what it doesn’t say…it doesn’t say additional lyrics by little ms sassy pants.

It’s fun to be a fairy and wear such pretty things!

Jessica call dominoes and KEEP ICING YOUR FRONT BUM!! The swelling may continue but I NEED U!! Not really ;)

Jessica, call Dominoes. We’re going to be here for a while. And keep icing your front bum! Swelling continues when you don’t ice, and I need you! – Not really.

Just because god blesses you doesn’t mean you’re not going to sneeze again.

Just because God blesses you, doesn’t mean theres not another sneeze coming.

just watching chester screw the tree

Keep icing your front bum swelling continues when you don’t ice

Keep icing your front bum!

Keep icing your front bum. Swelling continues when you don’t ice, and we need you!

Keep that icing your front-bum. Swelling goes down when you continue to ice. And I need you. Not really.

Kelly: Everyone tells me that I’m not in fashion
I don’t look like the girls in the magazines
They may be hidden, but I’ve got my passions
I just don’t parade around like some homecomming queen

Take a look here I am, can’t you see
One simple smile from you could set me free
So if you take a look let your heart be your guide
I’ll show you love if you take a look at the girl inside

Kelly: Felix, I’m handling it…

Felix: No, you’re being handled by leather pants here, theres a difference.

Kelly: My name is Kelly.
Birk: What’id I say?
Kelly: Allison

Let me sleep, for when I sleep I dream that you are here
Your mine, and all my fears are left behind.
I float, on air. The nightengale sings gentle lullabys
So let me close my eyes and sleep
A chance to dream
So I can see the face I long to touch
To kiss, but only dreams can bring me this
So let the moon shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams, he’ll dream of me
I hide beneath the clouds
And whisper to the evening stars
They tell me love is just a dream away
So let the moon shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams…he’ll dream of me
Ohhh dream of me

Mom, dad, reverine’s daughter Judy just took a dump in our pool and you want to spring for a DJ?

Mr Landers, good to see you and thanks for not showering…what a super instinct!

My Lord I shall reply amazedly, half-sleep, half-waking. I came with Hermia, hither. Our intent was to be gone from Athens where we might, without the peril of Athenian law, be wed. However…My Lord. We slept and slept, as well you know. Things to change as love did grow. Although. In ways fair Hermia’s soul and mind shall forever intertwine. Alas we must forever part, for loe to another, belongs this heart.

Nice trick Landers, catching the ball with your face. Next thing you know you’ll be shooting 3-pointers with your ass

Nice trick there, Landers, catching the ball with your face. Next thing you know, you’ll be shooting three-pointers with your ass.

Oh My God – How did you get this number? Oh youre kidding!?

Oh those were the salad days. Though these are good

oh those were the seldom days. although these are good

Oh, Ms Woods, please come in. Oh,fun hair clip.

ooooh its so real you can almost feel the tension..

Peter Wong is Down!!

prepare to die

Puck…Little Steve
It’s Steven

Put your hand down Little Steve!!

she was the first girl to see me naked granted we were 7 years old at the time. I had a feeling. Even then. THEre’s really something about the first gir you play doctors with , maybe its cosmic or somthing or maybe shes just seen your package and didnt run away screaming. whatever it was Allison and I were made for each other…a perfect fit. so when he family moved away i knew that someday, somehow fate would bring us back together.
Birke….Birke Landers
looks puzzled
It’s me….Allison..Allison McAllister

She was the first girl to see my naked. Granted, we were 5 years old at the time but still, I had a feeling

Sing first, read later…

Sisqo – Sometimes in practice, coach calls me Crazy Legs!
Forrest-Oats- Does He! (Sarcastic Tone)
You pretensious swing town twit!

So in summation lysander loves hermia who loves lysander but is betrothed to dimitris who in turn is the object of helenas offection….now do you see the fun of it? Its just all hell gone break loose. mickey roark said a wonderful thing about having fun once he was at some big suarai that liza maneli was throwing and……..Mr landers how nice of you to join us and thanks for not showering what a super insticnt.

somebody call Dominoe’s, we’re gonna be here a while

Sometimes, Coach Hibble calls me Crazy Legs!
Oh, does he?? You know what we call Coach Hibble? Moron Face. Thats what we like to call him. So you can see that his recomendation means a great deal here! I need to be held.. NOT BY YOU!

Striker: ‘t just change 100 yar old literature! Fine I can do it too! I do not like in in a boat I do not like it moat I do not like it in a box hows that!
Felix: Boo!!!
Striker: Oh stop cherring!

Striker: Ya know what? I should ask you what the hell you’re even doing here. If some stranger had dazzled his way into my ex-girlfriend’s fancies, I’d probably be doing the same thing- Only I’d have a bigger part.
Berke: You dropped your sword

Take a look here I am, can’t you see one simple smile from you could set me free, so if you take a look let your heart be your guide I’ll show you love if you take a look at the girl inside.

Thank Buda.

Thanks to good ‘ol Dora Lynn, Diggie Birdwell has to take a crap standing up.

That being said I’m curious if anyone feels they can fill the littlebooze hounds place.

That boy is razor fine.

That’s enough out of you muck-mouth!

That’s enough out of you muff mouth!

theres always stage crew…..
crew member farts
and for those of you who’ve had a conversation with a crew member you all know how fun that can be!

This is my theatre, my show!!I’m Forest Oat’s special buddy!!!!

Time, time, it’s just really not very good. I could lie to you but Iwould do you a dis-service because it’s just bad.

TITS woaaaaaaaaaah!

well if I’m gonna lose Allison its not going to be to a turd like that

who carries num chi=ucks in their pants?

Who keeps nun-chucks in their pants?

William Shakesphere wrote a play, a very long time ago, about this chick named Hermia and the two guys who loved her so…they said Hermia please be my girl-but she only wanted ONE-and the night the faries get to play is the night we have our fun…cause I love him, and I love her-if only her best friend he’d perfer-and so the faries all had to sceme in this boom shakalaka Mid Summer’s Night Dream…(X3)

You can’t do that! Wait a second, you just can’t change 400 year old literature! Fine! I can do it, too. I do not like it in a moat. I do not like it in a boat. I do not like it in a car, now how’s that?!?! Stop cheering! Stop cheering!

you know, your begining to sound alot like Mary Poppins.

your wife called, she said she might not make it to the show…did she say why? It was difficult to understand through the slur…

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