Movie Quotes from Frighteners, The: Quotes from the movie Frighteners, The

#1You are SUCH an asshole. #2Yes, I am an asshole . . . with an Uzi!

1) Dammers, you are such an asshole! 2) thats right, I am an asshole….with an uzi.

Ahh the old express way to hell. No lines, no wait.

Boy that Dammers he sure looks pissed

Death is not a way to make a living!

Did it feel good killing me? Bannister? Did it feel good killing your wife? You’re a Murrrrrrrrdererrrrrrrrr!!!

Give me the damn urn Dammers!

I gotta have an out-of-body-experience, and I gotta have it RIGHT NOW!

I thought Guys like you Fried in Hell

I’m sorry about your puss yellow piece of shit Volvo…

My body is a road map of pain. But, pain has its rewards.

My body is a roadmap of pain.

My mother wants to go to the police now

My mother wants to go to the police now.

She had the number 13 carved into her forehead…

She was so young and beautyful!

Stuart-Therefore a happy ghost is a productive ghost
*buzz* *buzz* *Frank Smacks fly*
Frank-Flies…..thats what you give me stuart…flies why. is is that flies stick to you guys like Shit to a blanket?

The dog’s runnin’ away with my face! Hell, I’m falling apart!

We do this like Charles Bronson. We don’t stop till the screamin starts, you dig?

When a man’s jawbone drops off it’s time to reassess the situation.

Woman: He looked pretty pissed. Frank: What? Woman: Don’t you know when you go through trauma, it may alter your perseption?

You are violating my territorial bubble.

You don’t know who my daughter is, do you? I can have her locked up any time I want. They say she was an accessory after the fact. But I know the truth. It was cold… blooded… MURDER!

You have no idea what you’ve just done.

You have no idea what you’ve just done…

You killed me! You bastard! You sick!

You unorganized, grabass-tic piece of teleplasmic shit!


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