Movie Quotes from Fright Night: Quotes from the movie Fright Night

1. But Mr. Vincent you said you BELIEVED in vampires! 2. I, LIED!!

A big hickey

Ah! Mr. Vincent! I’ve seen all of your films…and I found them…very amusing!

AMY: Cut it out Evil, it’s not FUNNY.

and who are these two…attractive, young people?

Charley Brewster:That bastard! Why didn’t he tell us there was going to be a pop quiz?
Evil Ed Thompson: That’s the point of a pop quiz, Brewster… to surprise you.

Charley:That bastard! Well,why didnt he tell us there was gonna be a pop quiz?!? Evil Ed: Thats the pints to a pop quiz Brewster,to surprise you.

Charlie:Amy, you’re not gonna believe this but they’re carrying a coffin. Amy: And their on the moores right?

Do you realize how much trouble you caused me? Disturbing my sleep! Telling policemen about me!

Evil Ed: The master will get you for this! But not fast, SLOWLY, OH SO SLOWLY!

Evil Ed: Yeah that’s the second murder in two days. And get this, they both had their heads chopped off!

Evil Ed:MMMM, MMMM, MMMM….His Dinner Is In The Oven!

I am Peter Vincent, vampire killer!

I’ve been fired because nobody wants to see vampire or vampire killers anymore all they want are demented men going around in ski masks hacking up young virgins

If this is your idea of a joke, I am not amused.

Of course now that I’ve been made welcome I’ll probably drop by quite a bit…in fact…any time I feel like it…with your mother’s kind permission of course…

Oh, you’re so COOL, Brewster!

Remember by jerry dandrige

That wasn’t the only murder…but the second in TWO days…and get this…both of’em had their heads chopped off…can you believe it?

There are no such things as vampires fruitcake

Welcome to (name of movie)…..For real.

Welcome to Fright Night…for real!

Yeah, sure, and I’m Dirty Harry.

Yeahh…then he’d be able to suck his way through the entire town!…Not that it would be much of a loss…

You gotta have faith, old man, for that thing to work on me!

you have to have faith, for this to work on me…mr.vincent

You promised you wouldn’t let them get me charlie! You promised!!!

Your friend needs a psychiatrist, not a vampire killer.

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