Movie Quotes from Frisco Kid, The: Quotes from the movie Frisco Kid, The

#1: Where’s San Francisco?
#2: By New York

#1: You’re crazy, Jew Boy! You’re gonna get rost (lost)!
#2: Believe me, I won’t get rost!

–I’m from Poland.
–Is that near Pittsburgh?
–No, that’s near Czechoslovakia.

1- I don’t ride on Saturday 2- today isn’t a normal Saturdays don’t tell me you’re not going to ride 1- I’m not going to ride 2- I asked you not to tell me that

Chicken, chicken, chicken! I don’t want to hurt you! I just want to eat you!
Chicken, chicken, chicken, I don’t want to hurt you!I just want to make you kosher!

I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to make you kosher.

I’m not a rabbi for nothing you know.

Now the rest of you…GO AWAY!

Reach for it! Please!

Watch that lady. I think she’s a Jewish Indian.

You, you have a big heart. Not so big as your mouth.

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