Movie Quotes from Friends: Quotes from the movie Friends

(ross in the tan-place) Guy: So, how dark do you wanna be? We have 1, 2, and 3. Ross: Well I like how you look. What are you? Guy: Porto ruican

Chandler: hwo can you be so confident? Joey: Well I know exactly what to do. Chandler: Really like you have a routine? Joey: No no no no no see, each women is different, you have to appreciate their uniqueness. Chandler: Really? Joey: No I do 6 things

Hey i’m Chandler, could i BE wearing anymore clothes?


That ripped, that ripped real nice

YOU were the hermaphrodite from Long Island???!!!!

[Phoebe to Rachel] I have this feeling… You must get off the plane, there is something wrong with the left falange. [Afterwards, man next to Rachel] Oh my god, is there something wrong with the left falange? [Stewardess] There is no falange. [Man] Oh my god, this plain hasn’t even got a falange!!!!

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