Movie Quotes from Fan, The: Quotes from the movie Fan, The

(1)Blow me Maney (2)I would but you haven’t had your shots babe.

(1)Hey Bobby when your doing her think of me. (2)Yeah thats a short thought

(1)I hope you like it in certer field. (2)I hope you like it in left

(1)your telling me I have to go out there and be Babe fucking Ruth for god sakes. (2) It’s William fucking Bendix can you get it right.

Closer to God.

Hearts, not diamonds.

How sweet it is to be loved by you.

Leguizamo: I’d rather nail my penis to a burning building.

Look here Vaugn, I’ve got one to say to you, Strike this Mother Fucker Out!

Oh, come on, babe. What’s the matter?

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