Movie Quotes from Fandango: Quotes from the movie Fandango

1) Where are we?
2) The ass of nowhere.

1): So, boys, what’ll be for breakfast? Barbecue? (Judd Nelson’s character dry heaves in the background). Or chili?(J.N. throws up). Chili it is!

1.)Hey wait, I’m not even rinsed off.2) Ran out of quarters.1)God!

A whole wash day, shot to hell.

Are ya 18 ????

Here’s to us, by God. Here’s to us, and that, and the privelege of youth. Here’s to us, and what we were.

It’s too late.

ive never been serious about a woman in my life son—-u know that

Left to loosy, righty-tighty.

There’s nothin’ wrong with goin’ nowhere, it’s the privilege of youth.

What could anybody possibly like about this state ??? It’s wild Phillip, always has been, always will be !!!!!!!

You’re the most irresponsible person I have ever met!
Well, somebody had to be.

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