Movie Quotes from Family Man: Quotes from the movie Family Man

(exact) You’re a bad girl baby, you make me so hot!

*touches face* (1) They did a good job! (2) Who? (1) The aliens.

…… but then i realize I have just given up everything I am sure of.

…see, you’re a better person than I am and it made me a better person to be around you. I don’t know, maybe it was all just a dream. Maybe I woke up one lonely night in December and imagined it all. But I swear, nothing has ever felt more real. And if you get on that plane, I’ll disappear forever. And I know we could both go on with our lives and we’d be fine. But I have seen what we could be like forever, and I choose us!

1. God, you’re beautiful.
2. How can you do that? …look at me like you haven’t seen me everyday for 16 years?

1. How can you do that?
2. What?
1. Look at me like you haven’t seen me everyday for the last 13 years.

1. What are you sure about?
2. I’m sure that right now there is no where else I’d rather be than here with you.

Because you thought I was cocky, I’m now on a permanent acid trip?

Do you have to play with everything?

do you know what my life is like….(Jack complaining to Kate about his life)then I walk the dog which includes the added bonus of carrying around his monstrous crap!

Don’t screw up the best thing in your life just because your a little unsure of who you are.

Happiness is hard to come by in this lifetime and you have given me more than my fair share

I choose us.

I need you to remember me, Kate. Keep it with you no matter what happens, otherwise none of this will matter.

I’m sorry that I used to be such a saint back then, and I’m such a, such a *prick* now!

I’ll do that because I love you. I love you and that’s more important to me than our address. I choose us.

It’s you, it’s always been you.

Let’s go to all the stores…all the stores in this God forsaken shopping mall.

My God. All this time. I never stopped loving you.

No one thinks clearly at an airport.

nobody thinks clearly at the airport.

Old flames are like old tax returns: you put ’em in the file cabinet for three years and then you cut ’em loose.

Old relationships are like old tax receits, you keep them tucked away in your file cabinet and after 2 years you throw them away.

The Jack Campbell that I knew whould not need a 2400 dollar suit to feel better about his life.

This is my life, this is what is real.


This is the center of the universe. If I were living in Roman times, I would live in Rome, where else. And today, America is the Roman Empire and New York is Rome itself.

unsure of your self


You’re a bad girl baby, and you make me hot!

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