Movie Quotes from Fair Game: Quotes from the movie Fair Game

–Please, Rita. Just cut me a little slack on space. Okay?
–No. No. No.

–You know how to use a computer as well as him.

-Are you looking for hardware? Or is it software you’re interested in?
-Hardware. I was hoping to demo your unit.
-I’d have to…boot up first.

-Is it a felony to shoot a computer?
-Only in California.

-Who’s ever after you are real pros.
-I guess I should be proud. It would be embarrassing to be killed by
an amateur.

-You know what they call a Florida cop in a three-piece suit?
-No, what?
-The defendant.

Max, you obviously got me confused with someone who give’s a rat’s ass.

No one tried to kill me! This is Miami. I’m local. We only shoot
the tourists.

not quite offcier you just saved my clients boat thats gonna be one hell of a lawsuit Sounds tragic

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