Movie Quotes from Falcon and the Snowman, The: Quotes from the movie Falcon and the Snowman, The

Do you have any fruits and vegetables?

Here is $10. Get yourself a haircut.

How many guys do you know who’s best friend is also his priest? I mean, I could’ve gone to confession and told the truth! I’m very disappointed, Chris.

I don’t know your father.

I don’t think you have the faintest clue what to do with yourself.

I know a thing or two about predatory behavior and what once was a legitimate intelligence agency is now being used on weaker governments.

I thought you’d congratulate me for finally coming to my senses.

I will not have dope deals made in this house!

It wouldn’t have made any difference, I freely chose my response to this absurd world.

The moment you accepted money, you became professionals. It’s just

This Is Not America.

This isn’t a visit. I’m back for good. Changed my mind – no seminary. Just couldn’t go through with it. What’ve you been up to? Pass the cantalope.

When Breshner chatgs with his mistress over his supposedly clean phone, the birds listen in. When he takes his dog for a walk, the birds take a picture of him pissing on the shrubbery. When he tests his latest warhead underground somewhere in Siberia and claims he hasn’t, the birds know he’s lying.

You’re So Vain.

You’ve got a nice office here. I like the rug particularly. I’m kind of an expert on rugs. Pakistani, right?

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