Movie Quotes from EXistenZ: Quotes from the movie EXistenZ

TED: Allegra, what if we’re not in the game anymore?
Allegra: If… we’re not…?
TED: If we’re not, then you just killed someone real.

(1) Oh God!
(2) What happened?
(1) The whole pod just disappeared into your back.
(2) It disappeared into my back? It’s in my spine? It’s working its way around my spinal cord?!
(1) Don’t panic, it’s just a game.

I actually think there’s an element of psychosis involved here.

(1) It’s none of your business who sent us! We’re here and that is all that matters. …God, what happened? I didn’t mean to say that.
(2) It’s your character who said it. It’s kind of a schizophrenic feeling isn’t it? You’ll get use to it. There are things that have to be said to advance the plot and establish the characters, and those things get said whether you want to say them or not. Don’t fight it. Just avoid it.

Allegra: But can you kill me Gas? Can you kill person? Can you do it? Hide my body, contact the crazies, trust them to pay up? Hand over my now decaying fucking grotesque corpse? You really expect them to hand over five mill cash? I mean, don’t you ever go to the fucking movies?

Allegra: Come off it Pikul, he was only a game character. I didn’t like the way he was messing with my mind. Pikul: You didn’t like that? So you killed him. Allegra: [laughs] He’s only a game character! Pikul: What if we’re not in the game anymore?

Allegra: I jacked you into my pod and you panicked, now it’s totally fucked!

Allegra: No, it’s not infected. It’s just wants ACTION.

Allegra: Pikul, why don’t you have a gun? Pikul: What? Allegra: They told me you were my security, but you have no weapon. Pikul: Who told you that? I’m just a marketing trainee. Allegra: Fucking hell. I’m marked for death and they send me on the road with a PR nerd.

Allegra: The world of games is in a kind of a trance. People are programmed to accept so little, but the possibilities are so great.

Allegra: Then understand this. Understand that I knew you were my real assasin, when you pointed the gun at me in the Chinese restaurant. And understand that.. YOUR DEAD.

Allegra: This is it you see. This is the cage of your own making. Which keeps you trapped and pacing about in the smalliest possible space forever. Break out of your cage, Pikul. Break out now.

Allegra: Yeah, the bullets are Human teeth. This one’s got a cavity.

Allegra: You copied eXistenZ?

Allegra: You have to play the game, to find out why your playing the game. It’s the future, Pikul. You’ll see how natural it feels.

Death to Allegra Gellar, the demoness

Death to the demoness Allegra Geller!

EXistenZ is paused!

Gus: A bio-port, that’s a sort of hole in your spine isn’t it? Lots of assholes around here, but that’s generally it.

Hey, tell me the truth… are we still in the game?

I am going to make you as happy as a baby Psychlo on a straight diet of kerbango

I’m not sure… I’m not sure here, where we are, is real at all. This feels like a game to me. And you, you’re beginning to feel a bit like a game character.

Its OOOOOOOK, there was just a slight problem with the cheque

Pikul: ..I have this phobia about having my body penetrated..

Pikul: Did you hear me, chinese waiter? We want ‘The Special’. Chinese Waiter: ‘The Special’ is for special occassions, I cannot give you ‘The Special’.

Pikul: Hey, what did you do that for? That was our lifeline to civilisation- Allegra: That was a range-finder. As long as you have that they know where we are.

Pikul: How come bio-ports don’t get infected? I mean, they open right into your body. Allegra: Listen to what your saying Pikul. Don’t be ludicrous. [Opens up mouth and sticks out her tongue]

Pikul: I didn’t expect that to hurt. I expect the next part to hurt. [see’s machinery] Yeah, that’s what I expect to hurt.

Pikul: It feels like your operating on somebody’s pet dog.

Pikul: What happens if somebody come s up here and REALLY wants to Ski? Allegra: Come on Pikul, nobody actually physically Ski’s anymore.

The only way I can tell if everything is OK is to play eXistenZ with somebody friendly. Are you friendly, or are you not?

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