Movie Quotes from Exit Wounds: Quotes from the movie Exit Wounds

–Who were they?
–Some Michigan militant group.

1)hey you cant do that! 2) its alright im a cop 1)since when did being a cop make it okay….
3)owch man yo quit treatin me like im tupac

200 grand this bitch better be suckin and fuckin

T.K. : Yo dawg! Help me! I’m fuckin’ up my versachi shit!!

A little water never hurt anybody.

AAAHHH that’s my dick.

Ahh man quit treatin me like im tupac!

Boyd: Women, can’t trust em! TK: Not ass far as i can throw her ass..and she a big bitch!

Feelin’ the hate.

get me my drink, bitch

He loves pissing me off.

Hey stand there don’t move… (Cop)

I didn’t vote for him anyway.

I have no rage, I’m a happy guy, see this face, this is a happy face. You’d all be lucky to have a face this happy.

I seen mental wards saner than this place.

I’m a happy guy.

It’s our operation.

miss johnson was shakin her ass!!

No sunshine.

Say hello to my Sumo-negro. You better leave before he turns yo’ ass into Washimi!

shake ya ass miss johnson…shake that ass !

the devils greatest trick

The Greatest Trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the people he didnt exist.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.

Two-hundred and fifty thousand? This car better suck me and fuck me for two-hundred and fifty thousand

who knows…by the end of the night you just might………….fuck me!

You scatch it, you buy it.

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