Movie Quotes from Executive Decision: Quotes from the movie Executive Decision

#1 I don’t know what. What am I fogetting? #2 Just relax and fly the aeroplane.

#1 Who’s this? 007? #2 Thats ah, Mr Grant. He’s from intelligence.

(Restaurant terrorist:Listen to the sound of Al’Thar )
(Kurt Russel, talking at the Pentagon): In ancient Arabic, Al’Thar means revenge)

–If you don’t believe me, then why the hell are you up here?
–Who else is gonna do it? You?

–We’re not gonna make it!
–You are!

…and by the way, the name he is using, Al Tar, in ancient arabic means, revenge.

These things almost land themselves, don’t they?


I hope there’s a good movie on this flight.

I think we’re looking up the arse of a dead duck, but its worth a try, but you better hurry cause this morphine is kicking in.

If you screw up, you’ll never know it.

Loose the shoes pretty boy. Phew. Hope the smell doesn’t give us away.

That was brave. And totally unnecessary.

Whatever you do, don’t cut that red wire.

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