Movie Quotes from Enemy Mine: Quotes from the movie Enemy Mine

By late in the 21st century,the nations of the earth were finally at peace, working together to explore and colonize the distant reaches of space. Unfortunately, we weren’t alone out there. A race of non-human aliens called the Dracs were claiming squatters rights to some of the richest star systems in the galaxy. Well…they weren’t going to get it without a fight.

We had to communicate, so i tried to learn some of it’s crude language….Of course, the Drac was picking up a few words of english. (looking at stone hut) [1] Shiet! [2] Shit! What do you mean shit? [1] No solid. [2] Solid? I’ll show you! (walks forward, kicks hut in a few places and struts back) Eh? HAHA! Not solid, huh? (5 seconds later, hut collapses)

What am I supposed to do run down to the market for some Gerber baby Drak food?

What am I supposed to do, run down to the market for some Gerber baby Drac food?

Your Mickey Mouse is a stupid dope!

Your Mickey Mouse is one big stupid dummy

[1] HAAAAAAA!! Burn you mother!! BURN!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! You blew it, Toad-face [2] Daahn baytaaahn, ert maahn!

[1] HAAAAAAA!! Burn you mother!! BURN!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! [2] Daahn baytaaahn, ert maahn!

[1] Hey, Drac! I’m hungry. Hungry…you understand…hungry…huh? (smacks lips 4x) [2] (smacks lips 4x and belches) [1] You understand any english, Toad-face? [2] Gghosom vaaah. [1] What? (2 punches 1) [2] Gghosom vaaah, ert maahn! [1] Stick it! [2] Gghos vosoh Geriba Shigaahn….Shigaaaahn! [1] So? Your name’s Jerry Sheegan, so what? (2 punches 1 again) [2] Gghosom vaaah. [1] You wanna know my name? [2] Ggh. [1] Willis E. Davidge.

[1] Let’s snuff these bastards and get home early, huh? I got a hot date with Murchison. [2] The nurse? [1] This time it’s going to happen. She’s going to give in. I guarantee it. [2] Isn’t that the same Murchison we used to call the white balloon? [1] Come on! She’s lost 20 lbs!

[1] Six more bandits on three! [2] Leader, copy that? [3] Roger, Echo Two, I guess we didn’t see ’em. [2] Well, I sure as hell didn’t see ’em. Did anybody see ’em? [4] I see ’em now.

[1] Thes es my left foot, thes es my right foot and thays are both my fayt. [2] Yea, great. [1] Yea, great…Thes es my head. [2] That is your ugly head. [1] No, no. Thes es my head. That es you head. You UGLY HEAD!! (1 snickers)

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