Movie Quotes from Enemy of the State: Quotes from the movie Enemy of the State

–I need sugar. I’m getting cranky.

–I think you’re a little young to watch this part.
–Yeah, so’s she.

–Planning a quick getaway?
–Yeah, every since I met you.

–You wanna take a poke at me?
–I don’t hit senior citizens.

1) The sattilite is 150 miles above the earth and it can only look straight down
2) Maybe you can design a new one
3) Well maybe I will idiot!

1) You blew it up! Why did you blow it up! 2) Because you made a phone call!

1)Can I wear something else, please? 2)This is my best aloha shirt.

1. sit down 2. no i’m fine thank you. 2. no you are not fine. now sit your ass… down

1. Thats my best aloha shirt.
2. You can say aloha to it.

1. what do they want from me? 2. I dont know, and i dont want to know.

1. You ever sing in the shower, do you have any homosexual thoughts? 2. That is… 1. None of my F***in business, you’re damn right it’s not!

1. You were really attahed to that blender. 2. Yeah, well, some people meditate, others have massages. I blend.

1.)Why are’nt you taking this seriously? 2.)Well honey, I think your taking this seriously enough for both of us. And are family. And also the entire city block.

1.What the hell was that for 2. I blow up the building. 1. Why? 2. Cause you made a phone call.

A guy on a bike just got creamed!

Actually, I believe the term ‘shyster’ is reserved for attorneys of the Jewish persuasion. I believe the proper term for me is ‘eggplant.’

Are you blackmailing me, you ambitious shit?

Brill: You ruined my life! Dean: What life? You live in a fucking jar so the world can’t see you.

Congressman Phillip Hammersley: Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act. Invasion of privacy is more like it.

Dean-Dont you want your life back
Rachel- I dont have a life, Im in love with a married man

Either you are very smart or … incredibly stupid.

fuck a duck!

get in the fucking elevator

Get out of the fucking car!

he jump to 15th, go to 15th…

I blew up the building because you made a phone call!

i can’t i got rabies or something, i dunno

I don’t hit senior citizens

I have been a law-abiding citizen my whole life, and one day with you, I mean … shoot!

I have seen killers walk free because the eyewitness was an alcoholic

I think you just fired yourself!

I thought I told you to stay the fuck away from me

I’ll have to break that woman’s legs!

i’m an attorney i dont make video tapes

I’m buying lingerie. Thats still legal right?

If you live another day I will be very impressed.

If you live another day I’ll be very impressed!

If you live another day, I’ll be very impressed.

In God we trust. The rest we monitor.

Invasion of privacy is more like it.

It’s alright, L.T. Just sit down and tell me what happened.

It’s me. We have a major problem.

jones painted the dog green!

Look. I wannna know who made that video tape and I wanna know it a week.. or I kill you

Mr. Dean has acquantainces. Me, I got friends. I dont know.

Mr. Wu… Mr. Wu

No, I was picking up something for myself, you know I do a little cross-dressing on the weekends, you’d be surprised how a pair of edible underwear can make you feel sexy

nobody cares about the drapes

smile…. smile for the FBI

talk to… Mr. Dean

that’s why i have rules

The Guardian. A subversive publication with militia ties. We’ve
been monitoring them for four years now.

The only one who´s going to be arrested here is you, for felonius cocksucking with an attempt to swallow the evidence, so shut your mouth.

They are not chasing me out of my house, they are not – I picked those drapes!

this guy get smarter every time i see him

This little son of a bitch is not going to be the final chapter of my life!

Who’s the brotha?

Why did you blow up the building? Cause you made a phone call

You certinley carjacked a very nice car!

You didn’t ask me to drive 30 miles up here for the damn view. Now
I’ve got a House Appropriations meeting at ten, so let’s just get this
over with.

You either shoot me or tell me what the fuck is going on!

you have something they want

You listen to me you fucking eggplant. This fucking video may save your clients’ asses, but you can be got damn sure it won’t save yours

you sound like a fucking old lady, shut up!

you stupid asshole!

You’re either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid

You’re kind of a jerk aren’t you?

You’re the only woman for me. You and Janet Jackson.

You’re the threat now. Just like I was.

You’ve got no right to come into my home.

your either incredibly stupid

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