Movie Quotes from Enemy Below, The: Quotes from the movie Enemy Below, The

Doesn’t the Navy ever run out of potatoes?

I guess you’re finding the sun kind of hard to take, after the North Atlantic.

I reckon we’ll just drop an egg right down his periscope. That’ll be the end of one more Nazi, huh?

If the Navy ever gets a load of this salty crew in battle, they’ll send us all back to boot camp. I look so ridiculous with my head shaved.

If this spook is a U-boat, he might pull the plug, and we’ll have to go after him.

Never think, Heine. Be a good warrior and never think.

Oh, don’t be bitter, Grandpa.

The Miami yacht races were never like this.

The Navy may have been desperate enough to put me in uniform, but not foolish enough to let me sail away by myself.

They’ve taken human error out of war, Heine.

This guy ain’t no feather merchant.

This Murrell seems like a cold sort of fish.

We build ’em good in Germany, eh Heini?

We can’t kill it as it’s something within ourselves. You can call it the enemy if you want to, but it’s part of us. We’re all men.

We won’t catch this bird in a search pattern. I’m pretty sure he’s off our keel and scooted in the opposite direction.

We’re tracking an unidentified ship.

When I bought that ranch in Nevada, I never expected to see water again.

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