Movie Quotes from Employee of the Month: Quotes from the movie Employee of the Month

Decide what you what to be in life and start being it.

Everything I am is an illusion.

Grandma: Zack! what’s my pin number?! Zack: 1234 Grandma! Now we’re gonna have to change it again!

I love you. Believe me?

I thought you were Mexican, not Puerto Rican?

I’m just the maid of honor. I’m not the one taking the bullet.

put down the candy bar and do your job

Russell: Check it out guy, he’s the alpha male of the store… chicks always go after the alpha male, they’re like lions… kings of the desert. And you, you’re just a little tiny fieldmouse dangling in the teeth of the lion while he’s banging your chick. Oh wait a minute… boxboy, you’re like the little hairy nutsack on the little hairy fieldmouse swinging back and forth while he’s banging your chick…
Zack: You’re metaphors are amazing and magical, but shut the hell up! please?

The Buddists say you achive total enlightenment when you realize that everything in your life is an illusion.

This is an ’81 Honda. HOW DARE YOU!!!

We’re building a nest-egg.

Why isn’t your name semi? is it because your as large as a semi truck? or is it that you’re semi-retarded?

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