Movie Quotes from Dunston Checks In: Quotes from the movie Dunston Checks In

1) Dunston, daddys sorry. *Dunston shakes his head* 1) Dunston, I’ve got some lovely bananas here. *Dunston smacks his bottom several times* 1) Dont wave your hairy bottom at me!!

1) From this day on, you are BOTH grounded. 2) We’re ALREADY grounded.
3) You’re DOUBLE grounded. Brian, no poker, no videos, and no using the security room for your own little voyeuristic pleasures. And Kyle, no, no? Think of something you really like, got that? No THAT!

1) How did he get here? 2) Well ma’am, when 2 orang-utans fall in love… 3) I…think she meant how did he get in the hotel?

1) I can do all sorts of tricks. Do you know what my speciality is? 2) No. 1) I can make nosy little boys disappear! *Kyle moves to run away* *Rutledge grabs him back* 1) One more thing! My dollar!

1) Kyle, i know you’re upset about the vacation, but that is no reason to throw a guests dog into the garbage!! 2) I didnt throw him in the garbage!! 1) Then what happened? Oh dont tell me, you decided to give him a coffee ground bath to improve his coat! 2) He jumped off the dogwalk! 1) The dog is suicidal? Is that what you’re trying to tell me? 1) He smelled the monster on the ledge and jumped off! 2) He smelled the monster on the ledge? Oh it all makes perfect sense now! He smelled the monster on the ledge! Its the smelly ledge monster!! 3) Way to blow the tip, psycho.

Animal Catcher: I saw a turtle one-time and it looked like a volkswagen with a tail!

Bryan: Hey, what about his punishment? Dad: Think of something you really like. Ya got it? Kyle: Yup. Dad: NO THAT!

His names Neil. After Neil Armstrong. The first man on the moon.

Lionel Spalding: There’s a monkey head in my lap a big hairy monkey head, monkey head, monkey head

There’s a gorilla in the bathroom!

why is he talking to his crotch?

Why is he talking to his crotch?

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