Movie Quotes from Dungeons and Dragons: Quotes from the movie Dungeons and Dragons

A gentle reminder not to make more mistakes. And this time Damodar, don’t fail me.

A gentle reminder not to make more mistakes. And this time Damodar, don’t fail me.

Did you really think that you could steal my destiny?

do not patronize me Azmath. for i understand all to well. yes, i violate the law

dumb dumb dumb dumb. Dumb! do you know what. i got a new name for dumb. Ridley this is the Ridley-est thing i have ever heard of!.

Feels good, doesn’t it. Remember your stupidity and persistence got your thief friend killed. Don’t let it be responsible for finishing of the rest of your social circle.

i’m sorry about Snails. i’m sure you are. Ridley he died for a good ’cause. a good ’cause. what ’cause is that?

If I ain’t drinking you sure ain’t shopping.

If you don’t want Hugo here to come and rearrange your features for you, I suggest you just give it up.

If you finish the maze, you win the prize. Good health and jolly good luck.

Magic is the life force of our world. It keeps nature and everything around us in balance.

Norda, the empress’ finest tracker is in pursuit and you tell me not to concern myself?

Oh, look I’v cut you, what a shame!


Ridley: How about you tell him what you got us into?
Mage: Me
Snails: Yeah, Yeah, tell us what you got us into

Ridley:Trust me. Snails:I HATE when you say that!

Snails- I’ve got a new word for ‘stupid’ now; ‘Ridley!’ this is the Ridleyest thing i’ve ever heard!

Snails: This is our big chance uh, This is our big chance, let’s rob the magic school,let’s rob the magic school.

We were not ment to enter this place. This task they must complete alone.

where’s the girl? none of your buisness. wrong, human. it is my buisness to arest you and Marina of Pretensia.

whether a commoner or a mage deserves an equal right of prosperity.

Whose idea was it to rob the halfling’s house? Yours.
Who got caught? Me.
Who got beat from the waist down? Me.

Why don’t we just rob God while we’re up here?

Wrong, human!

You know what? I have a new word for dumb, Ridly! This is the ridlyest thing I’ve ever heard of!

You shouldn’t done that.

You use Magic….we are part of it

Your friend awaits you.

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