Movie Quotes from Dog Day Afternoon: Quotes from the movie Dog Day Afternoon

–I never been up in an airplane before.
–So? I mena it’s safe…It’s like a car…It’s safer than a car. It’s all right, Sal.

–Sonny, you could give up?
–Give up? Right. Have you ever been in prison?

–Stevie, don’t take the car.
–How’d I get home?
–Take a subway. We need the car.

–You the guy wanted the pizza? …It’s paid for.–Keep ther change.

1)Are you gonna smoke the cigarette or what?2)Yes. If I die of cancer it’ll be half your fault.1)It’s because you’re weak.2)(sarcastically)Right. I’m weak.

1)Don’t you try to take Sal. We’ll handle him. Just sit quiet.2)What are you talking about? 1) You just sit quiet, we’ll handle Sal. 2)You think I’d sell him out, you FUCK!!!

Sonny: So what country do you want to go to?
Sal: Wyoming.
Sonny: Sal, Wyoming’s not a country.

Everybody is a con man!

I like to get kissed before I get fucked.

I mean, how do they expect you to get uncrazy if you’re asleep all the time?

I’m dying here, you know that?

Sal! I’m gonna check the air-conditioning…I’ll be right back!

Sonny: I’m robbing a bank because they got money here. That’s why I’m robbing it.

Tell the TV to stop saying that there’s two homosexuals in here.

To my darling wife, Leon, whom I love more than any man has ever loved another man in all eternity, I leave $2,700 borrowed from $10,000 life insurance policy to be used for your sex change operation.

We’re hot entertainment, right?

you cant handle the truth

You know, the guy who kills me, I hope he does it cause he hates my
guts. Not cause it’s his job.

You’re starting to get on my nerves.

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