Movie Quotes from Deja Vu: Quotes from the movie Deja Vu

A man can always use more alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

All right, Phil. I want you to do a full autopsy. Concentrate on time and cause. Full spread of lab tests. Everything.

Brace yourselves, I think you’re about to witness a murder.

I am asking a simple question.Is she alive or is she dead?

It is a crime investigation.

It’s a brand new program. It’s called Snow White.

It’s the when that’s always constant. It’s always four days and six hours ago.

Listen, call New Orleans PD. I want all surveillance from the Algiers dock. Then call City Transit. I want the Crescent City Bridge surveillance, westbound between ten and eleven.

Satan reasons like a man, but God thinks in terms of eternity

Sometimes a little human collateral is the cost of freedom.

This is trippin.

We lose everything that we care about. Those are your words.

We’ve got some unique time constraints.

You can be wrong many times but you can right only once.

You think you know what’s coming? You don’t have a clue.

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