Movie Quotes from Delirious: Quotes from the movie Delirious


…Eddie was screamin’ in his sleep ahh help me help me I woke him and I shook him and I said Eddie what’s wrong he said Aunt Bunny is coming to get me.

…I thought I learned some new spanish shit, I walked up to my man I said hey Sanchez goony goo goo, he said get the fuck outta here.

a bear and a rabbit r taking a shit in the woods…… and the bear turns to the rabbit and asks do u have a problem with shit sticking to ur fur and the rabbit sayz no i dont so the bear wipes his ass with the rabbit

And G.I. Joe got stuck!

Don’t bring a goonigoogoo into my house

eddie stop cryin, stop cryin eddie i know u 7 i know u 7. . . but ull be a 7 yr old walk the dog no house mother fucker!

ha hey im mr t i’ll rip your cock off with my ass….ha… and then he said gooneegoogoo ha ha

Have you ever played the fart game?

hey boy… hey boy… you look mighty cute in dem jeans…

I think deep down in side, people want to smell other people’s farts. Cause you smell them, and people always tell you they farted and you don’t leave you pause a second…..Yeah you did!!

Lilian, the bitch is fallin’ down the steps again!

Lox & cream cheese on cinnamon toast?! Get it outta here!

Now that’s a FIRE!

Oh did we get letters on Len.


Paul thold me all about it,thister.Well,if I’m gonna die,I’m gonna thoot you first.

there’s nothing wrong with gay people…

this is not a quote from the movie

u no how i found out ur kids were bigffots gus?? when i took them on the fishing trip and we got in the boat and i put the worm on their hook and set their poles for them and they set them down and stuck their faces in the water and 2mins later they started movin their heads around and they picked their heads up and they had fish in their mouth!!

why are you afraid of aunt bunny eddie?…..BECAUSE SHE HAS A MOUSTACHE!!!!!!!!!!!

You ain’t go no icecream!

You can walk up to your best friend while he’s watching a football game and fart in his face. He won’t even get mad. He’ll just go ok yea got me..alright…ok…that was a good one too, my mouth was open, my mouth was open.

you dropped your ice cream, you didnt get none……..cause your daddy’s on the welfare

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